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Discover VRappMaker Features

VRappMaker is the combination of both a powerful Content Management System developped with Clojure and a companion App available on Android Phone.
It enables you to take control of the the look & Feel and distribution of your VR content with the full integrated video pipeline from ingestion to distribution.

360 Video Player

Let your users choose if they want to download your video on their device, (it doesn't mean they can copy them) to play them offline or let them stream directly from our server. 4K and 2K video supported.

Dynamic Catalog

The moment you add a new category to your account, it becomes available to all your users. And yes, your 360 videos can be linked to one or more categories at the same time.

Control the Distribution

Not everyone wants their 360 videos sharing the spot next to an exotic dancer or a cat doing stunt on the coach. Own your App, own your Brand and take control of how you distribute your 360 videos.


Upload your logo and design, replicate your graphic identity inside your app to promote not only your content but your company.

State of the Art User Experience

The ergonomy of your app is so well designed that you don't need a joystick. Just look at what you want to see or where you want to go, and the App will take care of the rest.


Our app is already loaded compared to all existing VR applications on the market, but that's just the beginning ... Content monetization and interactivity inside your 360 videos is coming soon.

Spread the Love

Unleash the power of social media: Your users can share your 360 videos on facebook.
Our QRcode system enables you to give your users access to your VR app through on your digital and traditional media.

Pay as you Go

Choose a plan adapted to your audience size and only pay a flat fee, per month, adapted to your needs. Stay in control of your costs as your audience grow (free plan available too).

Zero Line of Code Needed!

Creating your own VR application is as easy as filling out a form. No updates to do, no struggle with having your app on existing and upcoming VR platforms. We do the heavy lifting for you.

Are you a Digital Agency?

You already produced 360 videos for clients but are looking for an easy way to provide them with their own App. Contact us for our agency plan and start making some serious Cash.

Why should I add a VR application to my Marketing or Training effort?

VRappMaker is great for:

  • Training and VR learning tools for courses that require regular updates
  • Adding an event app with 360 content to a marketing effort, in little or no time
  • Advertising Agencies that want to add a VR app to the portfolio of their services
  • 360 content producers who want to showcase their work and control the way they distribute it
  • Any company or individual Who want to showcase their 360 videos content without having to deal with the complex development and maintenance of an app on different VR hardware.

But that's just the beginning as Eonian VR Studio is already working on providing a way for their clients to monetize their content through the VRcode. Soon, 360 content producers will be able to sell their work like Netflix does already on the Gear. Starting with the Gear VR, VRhub will be released for google cardboard, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Playstation VR during 2016.

Start Today

The release of VRappMaker and the imminent release of its companion app VRhub on the Gear VR. will enable any company to publish on the Gear VR (and soon on upcoming VR platforms) a truly dynamic catalog of 360 videos with full branding of their application.
All of this without having to write a single line of code. The availability of your 360 videos catalog is possible the same day. The design and 360 content of your app can be modified or added on the fly after that.

Subscribe below and discover VRappMaker during the beta.
Take a front seat and start uploading your design and video. You will be ready to publish your app as soon as VRhub is launch.
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